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Seasoned Firewood For Sale Louisville, KY Jefferson County. We also service Elizabethtown or Etown, KY Hardin County. We also sell firewood in brandenburg, ky Meade County and Shepherdsville, Bullitt County West Point, Radcliff,KY Brooks KY, Bardstown, KY Fairdale, KY Fort Knox,KY Hillview, KY and in Lebanon Junction, Kentucky Call today and order a rick of 4x8 rick of seasoned firewood. Ask about our free kindling special with every order. (Limited supply) Please take a look at my Firewood For Sale Louisville KY website if your interested.

Hardwood versus Softwood: Hardwood is the best for burning and will put out the most BTUs of heat per rick, but is harder to ignite. Most people suggest that you start a fire with a softwood or a softwood kindling and then add your hardwood. We suggest that you never use strictly softwood alone but only as a fire starter. Below is a list of hardwoods we have for sale and a list of hardwoods that have extremely high BTUs.

9.Hop hornbeam

Firewood Facts:

1.) Did you know that one cord of wood burned as firewood provides the heat equivalent to that produced by burning 200 to 250 gallons of heating oil, depending on the type of hardwood you are using?

2.) Seasoned Firewood: is defined as having less than 40% moisture. Any Firewood that is over 50% moisture is considered green or non seasoned firewood.

3.) What is a firewood BTU? Definition: A British Thermal Unit (BTU) is the amount of heat energy needed to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree F. This is the standard measurement used to state the amount of energy that a fuel has as well as the amount of output of any heat generating device.

4.) What is a rick of seasoned firewood? A rick is defined as 4x8 simply stated. Four feet high by eight feet long. There is no demensions in width because some folks want it cut in different lengths so there is no industry standards for the width. Premium wood can be specially ordered in a certain width but is over 100 dollars a rick.

5.) What is a cord of firewood? A stack of wood 4 feet by 4 feet by 8 feet. On average there is three ricks of wood in a face cord.

Firewood Chart Sorted by BTU Content. Here is a chart showing the available heat content of one cord of firewood of various species of firewood for sale.Energy Content - BTUs

Common Name of Seasoned Firewood For Sale by BTUs.

Osage Orange 30.0 BTUs per Cord Firewood for sale Louisville KY
Hop Hornbeam 26.4 BTUs per Cord
Persimmon, American BTUs per Cord
Hickory, Shagbark BTUs per Cord
Dogwood, Pacific 24.8 BTUs per Cord Firewood for sale Louisville KY
Holly, 24.8 BTUs per Cord
Birch, Black 24.2 BTUs per Cord
Oak, White 24.2 BTUs per Cord
Madrone, Pacific 23.7 BTUs per Cord Firewood for sale Louisville KY
Oak, Post 23.7 BTUs per Cord
Locust, Honey 23.7 BTUs per Cord
Hickory, Bitternut 23.7 BTUs per Cord Firewood For Sale Louisville KY
Beech, Blue 23.7 BTUs per Cord
Mulberry 23.2 BTUs per Cord
Locust, Black 23.2 BTUs per Cord
Maple, Sugar 23.2 BTUs per Cord Firewood For Sale Louisville KY
Beech, 22.7 BTUs per Cord
Oak, Oregon 22.7 BTUs per Cord
Oak, Bur 22.7 BTUs per Cord
Oak, Red 22.1 BTUs per Cord
Birch, Yellow 22.1 BTUs per Cord Firewood For Sale Louisville KY
Ash, White 21.6 BTUs per Cord
Myrtle, Oregon 21.6 BTUs per Cord
Apple 21.6 BTUs per Cord
Ash, Green 21.1 BTUs per Cord
Maple, Black 21.1 BTUs per Cord
Walnut, Black 20.0 BTUs per Cord
Maple, Red 20.0 BTUs per Cord
Ash, Oregon 20.0 BTUs per Cord Firewood For Sale Louisville KY
Birch, White 20.0 BTUs per Cord
Tamarack 19.5 BTUs per Cord
Birch, Gray 19.5 BTUs per Cord
Hackberry 19.5 BTUs per Cord
Juniper, Rocky Mtn 19.5 BTUs per Cord
Cherry, Black 19.5 BTUs per Cord
Coffeetree, Kentucky 19.0 BTUs per Cord
Sorrel 19.0 BTUs per Cord
Elm, Red 19.0 BTUs per Cord
Elm, American 18.4 BTUs per Cord
Sycamore, American 17.9 BTUs per Cord
Maple, Big Leaf 17.9 BTUs per Cord
Elm, White 17.9 BTUs per Cord
Ash, Black 17.9 BTUs per Cord
Boxelder 17.9 BTUs per Cord
Maple, Silver 17.4 BTUs per Cord  Firewood For Sale Louisville KY
Catalpa 14.8 BTUs per Cord
Alder, Red or White 14.8 BTUs per Cord
Willow Salix 14.2 BTUs per Cord
Basswood 13.7 BTUs per Cord
Butternut 13.2 BTUs per Cord
Buckeye 12.1 BTUs per Cord

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